How To Set the Thermostat To Save Money

According to ENERGY STAR®, the average American family spends over 40% of their annual energy costs (about $2,000) on heating and cooling. That’s a hefty sum to spend on indoor comfort. Fortunately, a few tips allow you to trim your energy costs significantly. 

At On the Double! Heating & Cooling, we offer our customers exemplary heating and cooling services. As a top-rated contractor for furnace installation in Canyon, TX, we also strive to keep our clients well informed so they keep their HVAC expenses to a minimum. Continue reading to learn how to set the thermostat to save money. 

Recommended Thermostat Settings for Summer

Temperatures between 72 and 73 degrees should keep most households comfortable. So, how do you maximize energy savings? Keep the gap between the indoor and outdoor temperatures as narrow as you comfortably can. 

While Indoors

During the day, setting the thermostat at 78 degrees (or higher) should maintain a comfortable and pleasant temperature. The following additional tips will help your indoor air stay cool without forcing you to turn down the thermostat: 

  • Turn on ceiling fans when in the room. Per the Department of Energy, fans help the room feel cooler through the windchill effect. 
  • Keep windows and doors shut during the day to prevent cool air from escaping. 
  • Choose window treatments designed to save energy, like honeycomb shades or plantation shutters. 

If you find 78 degrees still uncomfortable, try experimenting with the thermostat for a week. Set your thermostat to 78 degrees, then use the tips above to turn it up gradually.

While Outdoors

Running your cooling system when the house sits empty costs plenty, so consider setting the thermostat to 88 degrees. Once you get back, set the thermostat to 78 degrees and let it cool your home gradually. Setting your thermostat to below 78 won’t cool your home faster but will cost you more. 

While Sleeping

Most people sleep comfortably with the thermostat set at 70 degrees. ENERGY STAR® recommends 82 degrees but that can get overly warm, especially during those hot summer nights. According to the National Sleep Foundation, most people sleep best in a cool bedroom set between 60 and 67 degrees. 

Knowing how to set the thermostat to save money may require you to experiment with your thermostat for about a week to find the most comfortable temperature for you. Running your ceiling fan and keeping your windows open during those cooler nights may allow you to save more. 

Recommended Thermostat Settings for Winter

During winter, a thermostat setting of 68 degrees will help you minimize your heating costs. As mentioned earlier, you want to narrow the gap between indoor and outdoor temperatures as much as possible. 

While Indoors

We recommend setting the thermostat at 68 degrees during the day. The following tips will help you maintain a warm interior without setting your thermostat too high: 

  • Use energy-efficient window treatments, like plantation shutters, window blankets, or honeycomb shades. 
  • Use plastic sheeting to seal drafty windows. 
  • Open window treatments on south-facing windows during the day and close them at night. 
  • Warm air tends to collect near the ceiling. Run your ceiling fan in reverse to disperse that air. 

While Outdoors

If you have an empty home with no pets, you can set the thermostat as low as 50 degrees. A setting of 50 degrees will keep your furnace running but not too low that your pipes freeze. However, remember not to bump up the temperature when you get home, as it won’t make your home warmer faster.

Instead, you’ll strain your furnace and drive up your heating costs. 

While Sleeping

Cool temperatures work best for sleeping. Set the thermostat to around 60-67 degrees, depending on your preferences. 

Additional Energy-Saving Tips

The following additional tips can help you save money on your energy bill throughout the year: 

  • Install a programmable or smart thermostat 
  • Invest in an energy-efficient air conditioner or furnace 
  • Schedule annual service 
  • Check attic insulation levels 
  • Replace air filter regularly 
  • Seal leaky spots 
  • Hire an HVAC professional to examine your ductwork 

Turn to On the Double! Heating & Cooling for Your Comfort Needs

Now that you know how to set the thermostat to save money, you can look forward to significant savings on your energy bill. Still, if you need additional energy-saving tips or want to know how to improve the lifespan of the furnace, count on our competent crew for expert advice. 

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