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Texas is famous for its heat, but cold snaps and ice storms make a well-kept heating system a must in your home. Whether you need to schedule annual heater preventative maintenance or require furnace repair, reach out to the professional heating technicians of On the Double to ensure your heating and cooling system is running at peak performance.

Do I Need Furnace Maintenance?

Your furnace needs an annual check-up to ensure that it functions efficiently and safely. It is also essential to get your furnace serviced if you notice a decrease in the air quality of your home when it is in use. Your home’s air may feel stuffy, or you may notice unusual smells.

As professional heating maintenance technicians, we at On the Double recommend having a complete tune-up of your heating system once a year before turning it on, preferably in the fall. You should also get the system serviced if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Loud noises or strange odors
  • Uneven temperature throughout your home
  • Irregular humidity levels
  • Rapid furnace cycling (or the furnace turns on and off too much)
  • Warm air blowing from vents when the furnace is off
  • Cold air blowing instead of heat

If your furnace is part of an HVAC system, you may notice condensation backup or moisture leaks. This may indicate a problem with the drain pans in the air conditioning portion of the system, which could cause water to get into the furnace mechanism and cause severe damage, even start a fire.

Suppose you notice any of the above issues. In that case, you must have heating system maintenance from professional technicians who can identify any problems quickly and recommend repairs or updates to the heating and cooling system to resolve the issues.

Furnace Maintenance in Slaton, TX
Heater Maintenance in Slaton, TX

Maintaining Your Heating and Cooling System

The steps for maintaining your furnace system depend on the type of furnace you have. The most common type of furnace in private homes uses natural gas. If your furnace is a gas furnace, our heating maintenance technician begins by checking the gas lines for any damage or leaks.

A gas leak not only reduces the efficiency of your furnace but is also very dangerous. Natural gas has a very distinct smell caused by a substance called mercaptan. Mercaptan smells a lot like rotten eggs, so it is easier to detect a gas leak quickly and pinpoint leak.

As the heating maintenance tune-up continues, the technician will:

  • Inspect and clean the gas valve and gas ports
  • Examine the motor and assess its electricity consumption
  • Inspect the wire connections
  • Test and calibrate the thermostat
  • Clean or replace the air filters
  • Clean the air ducts and vents, and check for leaks

They will also check for any signs of corrosion or build-up of moisture that could cause future harm to the machine. If the protective features of your furnace are damaged by rust or water, dangerous carbon monoxide gas could leak into your home.

Choosing a Heater Maintenance Company

If you need to schedule a seasonal tune-up for your heating and cooling system, you need to choose a heating maintenance company with experienced technicians and the right tools and materials to handle every furnace issue safely and reliably.

A professional heating maintenance technician must be well trained and experienced in installing, repairing, and maintaining the furnace and complete HVAC systems, including boiler and water heater maintenance. Boilers, water heaters, and other individual components of HVAC systems must also be in peak condition.

A quality heating maintenance company such as On the Double will:

  • Promptly respond to emergency calls
  • Provide proof and certifications verifying their technicians’ experience and training
  • Offer high-quality guarantees and warranties on their work, including the system installed and all its components
  • Provide advice and guidance with all furnace issues
  • Advise on care and maintenance issues and assist you in maintenance between tune-ups

FAQs About Heating Maintenance

The best way to maintain your heating system is with an annual maintenance appointment. The best time of year to have your heating system professionally serviced is in the fall before you begin using it regularly.

Yes, heaters need regular maintenance to ensure they are running at optimal efficiency. Routine care includes annual tune-ups, cleaning or replacing filters, keeping condensation drains clean, and maintaining air vents free of debris, dirt, and dust.

Your professional heating maintenance technician can show you how to do many maintenance tasks yourself, including regular filter changes.

For more information about heating maintenance in Lubbock, TX, call On the Double at (806) 549-5973 to book a consultation with one of our experienced full-service HVAC technicians.

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