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Expertise You Can Trust: On the Double, Your Heat Pump Installers

When your heating and cooling system stops working, you don’t want to be without temperature control, especially in Texas. A heat pump installation gives you even heating and cooling and helps you save money. With an installation from On the Double, you’re in good hands.

At On the Double, we are your heat pump installation experts. We provide top-quality heat pump installations and energy-efficient heat pump systems. Whether you’re considering switching to a heat pump or need an old heat pump replaced, we’re your go-to home improvement company.

Understanding Heat Pumps

Heat pumps feature cooling and heating capabilities, allowing you to replace inefficient heating and air conditioning systems with a single unit. Heat pumps transfer energy instead of creating it. Because this system only transfers energy, your monthly savings are significantly higher than a traditional furnace.

A heat pumping unit works similarly to an air conditioner. Your heat pump absorbs heat from the outdoors and moves it inside your home in the winter. 

On the Double’s professionals have years of experience installing heat pumps and other systems. We’ll remove your old system, calculate your home or business’s heating and cooling needs, and help you select an energy-efficient model.

Heat Pump Installation by On The Double in Lubbock, TX

Benefits of a Heat Pump Installation

There are many benefits to getting a heat pump installation. Our team helps you take advantage of benefits, including:

  • Increased savings: The heat pump installation cost is slightly higher than those of other systems, but you’ll save more in the long run than with a furnace and air conditioner.
  • Better humidity and temperature control: Many heat pumps have advanced controls or preset options for moisture and temperature control. You’ll stay comfortable for more extended periods with a new unit.
  • High energy efficiency: Transferring energy saves much more on monthly utility bills. Due to consistent operation, your home will reach set temperatures faster and maintain them for longer.

Searching for Heat Pump Installation Near Me? Choose On the Double!

Are you looking for “heat pump installers near me?” Your search ends with On the Double in Lubbock, TX. Whether you’re replacing an old unit or switching from a less efficient system, our trustworthy team makes your installation fast and easy. We strive to provide the best value to our customers. With us, you get:
  • Professional, friendly technicians
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Precise system removal and installation
  • High-quality parts and equipment
  • Heat pumps from leading brands
  • A repair and maintenance partner for future problems
  We’ll answer your questions and update you throughout the installation process. We also offer additional HVAC-related services, including heat pump repair, heat pump maintenance, and more. Don’t tolerate unsatisfying indoor temperatures. Call On the Double for a speedy yet precise heat pump installation and start increasing your energy savings and indoor comfort today. Contact our expert technicians at 806-549-5973.


A heat pump installation’s cost depends on the type of heat pump you get and how much the company installing it charges for labor. Speak to a technician and get an estimate on how much your installation will be.

Your heat pump will operate best in a shady area outside your building with little to no direct sunlight and few shrubs.

Your outdoor unit will need around two feet of clearance on all sides to ensure proper air intake.

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