how many years does a furnace last

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A location like Lubbock is no stranger to the cold despite the fairly mild winters in Texas. Locals appreciate a furnace when the temperature dips. Still, even the most durable heating systems won’t last forever.

How many years does a furnace last? What if you don’t have to turn on the heating as often? On The Double! Heating & Cooling shares what you need to know below. 

Read on to determine how many good years your furnace has left or whether to schedule the best HVAC service in Lubbock on the double.

How Long Does an Average Furnace Last?

Every property owner wants to keep their furnace running for as long as possible. Braving a Texas winter with a faulty heating system isn’t pleasant at the best of times.

Under ideal conditions, your furnace should keep your home warm for 20 or even 30 years. However, several factors can impact this expected lifespan, such as:

  • Furnace size
  • Type of heating unit
  • The furnace’s installation
  • The frequency of your heating maintenance

What Can Lower Your Furnace's Lifespan?

It would be nice if every furnace could last a couple of decades. The reality is that several factors shorten your furnace’s useful life, regardless of whether it’s an electric or gas furnace.

The Size of Your Furnace

The first potential issue that homeowners forget about is the furnace size. A unit that is either too big or too small for your home won’t last as long. Here’s why:

  • When a furnace is too small, it has to stay on longer to heat your home. This means greater wear and tear and, inevitably, a shorter working life. 
  • When a furnace is too big, it will short cycle frequently. Like a furnace that’s too small, the strain causes more wear and tear, affects your comfort, and drives up your energy bills.

So, if you plan on replacing your furnace, be diligent about finding the right size. Asking your HVAC professional for guidance is a smart move. 

Your Furnace’s Make and Model

The overall quality of your furnace’s make, technology, and performance will impact how long it can keep your home warm. 

Lower-quality or cheaper heating systems may help you save money upfront. Will they last as long as a better make and model? That’s unlikely. 

The Quality of the Installation

How many years does a furnace last? No matter your location and planned use for the heating, this answer also depends on the quality of the initial installation job. 

A professional installation offers a long-lasting and efficient furnace. If you hire HVAC professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge, you could avoid heating issues down the line. Take note of these common signs of a poorly installed heating system so that you know whether you need a new heating or air conditioning system installed:

  • Insufficient drainage
  • Inaccurately sealed ductwork
  • Poorly installed fuel lines

To ensure consistent workmanship, teams like On the Double! Heating & Cooling only hires qualified, licensed professionals with several years of industry experience.

Your Furnace’s Location

Is your furnace in the right place? Heating systems in especially warm places, like a crawlspace or attic, won’t last as long. Ideally, your furnace should be in the garage or somewhere where pests and fluctuating outdoor temperatures won’t be an issue.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a garage or can move their furnace. If that’s you, why not let a professional ensure the furnace area has sufficient insulation and ventilation?

Maintenance Frequency

Perhaps the biggest reason a furnace doesn’t last its full 20 years is a lack of upkeep. Your unit contains countless moving parts that need regular maintenance to continue operating properly. 

For instance, not replacing the air filter leads to clogs that cause your furnace to work a lot harder to achieve the same results. Dirty heat exchangers also make your system less efficient, which not only means a shorter furnace life but also soaring monthly energy bills. With that in mind, scheduling maintenance is always worth it.

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How many years does a furnace last? If you want an opportunity to take that number up to your heating system’s full potential, you’ll need some help. Why not let our experts provide routine maintenance and all the necessary repairs in between for your peace of mind?

With years of experience and a passion for serving our Lubbock neighbors, On The Double! Heating & Cooling provides the furnace maintenance and services you need for year-round comfort. Call us at 806-203-6490 today!

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