We all look for ways to make our lives a little easier. With so many smart devices available to help with cooking, streaming our favorite shows, or keeping track of our daily workout routine, why not incorporate one that helps you save money?

A smart thermostat is one of the easiest ways to conserve energy and save money on your monthly electric bill. With handy features like app-based scheduling, remote accessibility, and energy tracking, you’ll see why so many homeowners are giving the traditional thermostat the cold shoulder and taking advantage of smart thermostat benefits.

For the #1 heating and cooling services in Lubbock, TX, rely on the HVAC professionals at On the Double Heating & Cooling. In the meantime, keep indoor climate control at your fingertips with these five smart thermostat benefits that you shouldn’t ignore. 

1. Schedules to Save You Money

The statistics don’t lie: Wi-Fi thermostats provide detailed reports about your energy usage and help you cut costs by honing in on your climate control efficiency. With programmable thermostat features like scheduled heating and cooling, enjoy the perfect indoor temperature every time you come home while saving money on your electric bill. 

You can set your home temperature higher while you’re at work, then schedule it to cool down before you arrive home, saving money by not cooling the house all day.

Upgrading to a smart thermostat can bring total savings on heating costs as high as 12% and another 15% on air conditioning. That adds up to major savings that more than cover the up-front cost of a modern smart thermostat.

2. Remote Access

Thanks to remote accessibility, you’ll never have to kick yourself wondering if you remembered to turn off the AC or not. Smart thermostats let you access your thermostat remotely through an app on your mobile device to turn the system on and off and adjust the temperature.

If you plan on taking a long vacation or get stuck after hours at work, remote access gives you full control over your smart thermostat. As long as you stay connected to data or Wi-Fi, you can still keep tabs on your thermostat and make changes to the temperature at home with the swipe of a finger. 

3. Tracking Energy Use

In this day and age of modern applications, data means everything. The same rule applies to your smart thermostat. Keep an eye on energy usage with one of the most helpful smart thermostat benefits available by creating your very own user profile to track real-time data. 

With a personal energy profile, your smart thermostat sends reports about specific energy usage in your home. You can also track any changes made regarding your energy use over time. By calculating real-time data, smart thermostats estimate what these changes will likely cost you. Best of all, your device provides tips on how to adjust your temperature more efficiently so you can save on energy costs in the future.

4. Proximity Sensors

Your smart thermostat can adjust heating and cooling settings by sensing when family members are most active in the household. By tracking movement using proximity sensors, your device records an accurate log of your daily and nightly routines. This saves energy when you leave the house or when certain rooms are empty throughout the day. 

Proximity sensors track activity patterns present in your home during seasonal changes as well. Your smart thermostat sends you alerts and makes suggestions about the most appropriate temperature controls to use during that given time. Smart thermostats also detect whether it will rain or shine. With forecast monitoring, your device stays one step ahead of the weather and automatically adjusts indoor temperatures to best suit upcoming conditions.    

5. Smart Device Compatibility

From your smartphone to your smart TV, smart devices continue to populate the average modern home more and more. As far as smart thermostats go, don’t ignore the compatibility potential it has with your ever-growing collection of household smart devices. 

Take control of your smart thermostat using your voice after linking it to Amazon’s Alexa. Conveniently change indoor temperatures with simple voice cues like, “Alexa, lower the temperature.” With a compatible platform, you can even control smart humidifiers and air purifiers in your HVAC system using the app from your smart thermostat. 

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