Can homeowners put an HVAC in attic areas without causing problems? These systems are essential for the scorching 93-degree summer highs and 26-degree winter lows In Lubbock, TX. So, if you are buying a newly built house or upgrading a decades-old system, where should you install it?

Finding the best HVAC unit on the market will only matter if you know where to set it up at home. Basements are popular for HVAC systems, as they offer space and keep the unit out of sight. However, placing an HVAC in the attic is a slightly more complicated installment that requires some extra considerations.

Below, On the Double Heating & Cooling reveals the best spot for your HVAC and reasons to take advantage of reliable heating and cooling services in Lubbock, TX.

When to Skip Attic Installation

On the Double Heating & Cooling has plenty of experience installing and maintaining Texas HVAC systems. Here are some reasons we recommend avoiding HVAC attic installations if you want to simplify things:


Hot air rises, so the top floor contains the warmest temperature in your home. After turning on an attic system’s air conditioner component, the mechanism sucks in the surrounding, humid air and works much harder to cool the area. The cooled air may also warm by a couple of degrees before entering the air ducts to travel to the rest of your home. 


An HVAC in the attic shares its home with all mice, squirrels, and other rodents and insects looking for a dry, warm haven. They dig into walls and insulation, let out controlled air, and burrow into the ductwork, and, often, into the indoor unit’s wiring. If you want to avoid costly damages and uneven heating or cooling, don’t install the HVAC in the attic. 


Some upper levels serve as functioning rooms or additional storage space. However, even if it is accessible and quite clean, getting to it might be a challenge. It slows down installation, maintenance, and repairs when homeowners and technicians have to crouch around scattered boxes and other personal possessions to access an HVAC in attic areas.

Does your attic entrance comprise climbing a ladder to a latch and trap door? This system will also prove difficult for technicians to transfer tools and equipment, delaying the process of getting your home’s comfort levels on track. It also means it will be much harder to keep up with personal maintenance checks, such as changing the air filters every three months.

When An Attic Unit Installation Is Ideal

An attic HVAC setup is not always a problem. These are some rarer instances that may create the ideal conditions for putting the unit in the attic.

Open Space

An empty, fully accessible attic makes an ideal location for an HVAC unit. Fewer dividing walls make the entire upper level an open floor space, so the unit should fit and be easy to get to for technicians’ checks and your own filter changes.

Installation Costs 

Sometimes, hiding ductwork throughout a home during installation can be inconvenient and expensive. It often runs within your walls or ceilings or under your floorboards, and installation requires a few days of grace as the home is in shambles. Opting for an HVAC in the attic solves this problem and brings the following benefits:

Silent Functioning 

Heavy, unusual noises sometimes point to an HVAC issue, but slight humming, whistling, and tapping are normal. It is also common to hear banging in the air ducts as the metal sheets expand and contract with hot and cold air. Placing your unit and exposed air ducts in your attic curbs these annoying noises for a much quieter home.

hvac in attic

No Second-Guessing with On the Double! Heating & Cooling

Finding the appropriate spot for your HVAC unit will determine how well your unit functions, how efficiently indoor air travels, and whether you can work within your budget. Convenience is key, and our HVAC company will be able to tell you where to place it and how to keep it in top condition.

When you work with us for a heat pump, air conditioner, or furnace installation services, you can expect the following:

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