What Does It Mean When Your Furnace Keeps Shutting Off?

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Do you find yourself turning on your heat, but the furnace keeps turning off before the house reaches your desired temperature? What does it mean when your furnace keeps shutting off? Learn the top reasons for a repeated heating system shutdown in this guide from the team at On The Double! Heating & Cooling. 

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Understanding the Average Furnace Heating Cycle

When a furnace keeps turning off before the house warms up, it’s known as short-cycling. The typical heat cycle for a furnace lasts around 10 to 15 minutes. The furnace may run several cycles per hour until the house reaches the temperature on the thermostat. 

Each heating cycle involves the following steps:

  1. Natural gas ignites a burner, which produces flames. 
  2. The combustion chamber produces heat along with smoke and flue gases. 
  3. A heat exchanger filters the smoke and toxic gases so that safe, hot air flows into the system. 
  4. The blower fan pushes heat through the air ducts, which lead to your home’s vents. 
  5. Return vents simultaneously pull cold air out of the rooms for the cycle to continue. 

Take note of how long your furnace runs. If the system shuts off within a minute, you need to inspect the furnace for a problem. 

Common Causes of Short Cycling

What does it mean when your furnace keeps shutting off? If you’re dealing with frequent furnace shutdowns, any number of issues could be to blame. Discover some of the top causes of a furnace repeated shutdown below. 

Dirty Air Filters

According to government research, American homeowners spend roughly $14 billion on HVAC services and repairs every year. Many of the problems people face with their heating system stem from the air filter. Dirty HVAC filters can clog the system and prevent airflow to your vents. 

The heat the furnace produces has nowhere to go and, therefore, causes the heat exchanger to overheat. The furnace’s safety features kick in to prevent overheating which is why the system shuts off shortly after the heat cycle begins. You can avoid this problem by regularly checking your air filter and replacing it before it fills with dust and allergens. 

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat plays a crucial role in your HVAC system. It signals to the furnace when to turn on and off based on the temperature of the room. If you’re dealing with continuous furnace cycling that leaves you in the cold, investigate your thermostat’s function. 

Some common thermostat-related issues that impact the heat cycle include: 

  • Batteries that need replacing
  • Dirty sensors 
  • Placement too close to the heat source
  • Faulty wiring

Replacing the batteries or cleaning the sensors underneath the cover are simple fixes you can do on your own. If the wiring is damaged, you’ll need a professional technician to replace it. 

Faulty Flame Sensor

What does it mean when your furnace keeps shutting off, but the air filter and thermostat aren’t the cause? One possible cause to consider is the furnace’s flame sensor. After all, this is the one piece of equipment that detects the burner’s flame and keeps the gas valve open. 

Broken or dirty sensors won’t be able to detect the flame and cause the entire system to power off. Have a technician inspect the system and clean the sensor to restore your heater’s function. 

Oversized Furnace

It’s crucial that you have a certified heating expert install your furnace. Amateurs can install systems that are too big for your home’s layout.

Oversized furnaces tend to heat up small spaces quickly and then abruptly shut off. You’ll endure short heat cycles each time you use the furnace, which can create mechanical issues down the road. 

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