HVAC units provide essential air conditioning in our homes, especially during the dog days of summer. When the weather cools down in the winter, your air conditioner may remain unused for the entire season. For that reason, many homeowners consider using an AC cover in winter months to protect their unit from wintery conditions like cold and ice.

Manufacturers design outdoor air conditioning units to withstand extreme conditions. Still, there are many reasons why you may want to cover your unit throughout the winter. Deciding whether or not to cover your unit requires understanding the various pros and cons of this measure.

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Reasons to Use an AC Cover in Winter

Depending on the placement of your AC unit, applying a cover during the winter might be wise. The following are compelling reasons to cover your AC during winter.

Natural Debris

Winter storms not only bring chilling frosts and high quantities of snowfall but can also move natural debris lying on the ground. During the high winds of a winter storm, sticks, branches, and dead leaves on the ground may find their way into your unit. 

Accompanied by frozen temperatures and ice, this natural debris can cake onto your unit and cause problems later in spring when the frosts melt. Avoid an AC breakdown by placing an AC cover in winter on your outdoor unit.

Fallen Landscaping During Extreme Weather

Depending on your landscaping, a cover may prevent fallen branches from impacting your unit. Specific covers feature a design that blocks massive damage like fallen tree branches. Consider your tree placement to choose the most appropriate cover for your unit.

Excessive Ice and Snow Buildup

While manufacturers design and test AC units under extreme conditions, these pieces of machinery are not immune to weather damage. Copious layers of frost and snow on any unit could cause significant issues when higher temperatures melt the snow and ice. 

Although it’s possible that your unit can withstand the winter elements, it’s best to outfit your unit with a cover. You’ll ensure that excess snow and ice don’t have the chance to build up on your unit. 

Additional Considerations If Using an Air Conditioner Cover During Winter Months

While AC covers can shield your unit from damage throughout the coldest months, there are some risks to covering your AC in winter. Understanding these risks will help you avoid inadvertently damaging your unit while trying to protect it from the winter weather.

Do Not Use Airtight Covers

When purchasing an AC cover in winter, it might seem wisest to get an airtight cover that fits snugly around your unit. However, various environmental factors pose numerous hazards to your unit.

Airtight covers can still allow moisture to seep into the unit undetected. Excess moisture that gets under your cover provides a fertile environment for mold growth that will cause unhealthy air to blow when it gets warm again. Mold or mildew growth can also cause structural damage to your system.

Ensure any cover you purchase offers sufficient breathability rather than being a seamless fit.

Avoid Water-Resistant Fabrics

Because the winter weather may bring lots of snow and ice, you may think getting a water-resistant cover is the best option. However, these AC covers might invite certain furry friends to take up residence in your unit.

Although water-resistant fabrics prevent moisture from entering your unit, small animals like squirrels and chipmunks may make nests in these warm hideouts. These creatures and their new dwellings can destroy your AC unit, make your air unhealthy to breathe, and invade your home.

Remove Window Air Conditioners

While window air conditioners provide ideal convenience for smaller spaces, these temporary units are vulnerable to winter-related damage. Before the temperatures drop in winter, remove your window AC unit from its position. Winter temperatures and stormy weather can damage these units quickly and require you to replace them prematurely.

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