Why Do I Smell Gas When My Furnace Kicks On in Boiling Springs, SC?

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If you smell gas when you power your gas furnace, you could be dealing with a potentially dangerous gas leak—a situation you must take seriously and address immediately. Proper cross-ventilation will help to prevent potential hazards.   

But have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I smell gas when my furnace kicks on?”   

As Boiling Springs’ heating and air conditioning services contractor of choice, the Smooth Sailing Heating & Cooling crew explores the root cause of rotten egg smells when your furnace kicks on and the steps you should take when you find yourself in such a predicament.  

Potential Reasons Your Home Smells Like Gas

If you notice the smell of gas when the furnace powers on, potential explanations include:  

Gas Odors from Regular Emissions

Sometimes, your furnace will release a bit of gas every time you turn it on because of its combustion process. However, the odor should be faint enough to dissipate quickly. A lingering gas smell points to a potential leak somewhere in the system.  

Moreover, if you haven’t run your furnace in a while, some gas may escape during cycling. Your unit may have accumulated dirt and debris during the summer. Similarly, old or poorly maintained units may have dust within system components.   

Incomplete combustion caused by debris in the system could explain the faint gas odor. Dust hinders gas from burning completely, allowing some of it to escape from the exhaust.  

A Back-Drafting Furnace or Exhaust Issues

A properly functioning furnace exhaust dispenses fumes from the system to the outdoors. A back-drafting furnace, on the other hand, may release fumes with small quantities of unburned gas. 

Similarly, a faulty or poorly installed exhaust system could have defects that allow toxic fumes into your premises. Professional installation and routine maintenance can help prevent such issues and identify faults before they spiral out of control.  

Schedule a furnace inspection at least once a year before winter. That way, the expert you entrust with the job can clear the exhaust piping of blockages that may otherwise prevent your unit from dispensing gas properly. You also want to ensure the exhaust has sufficient clearance around it for proper airflow.  

Gas Line or Gas Valve Leaks

The smell of gas could also mean that the furnace itself has a gas line or valve leak. Perhaps your system has a faulty connection that’s allowing gas to escape into the interior. Besides the rotten egg smell, you may notice other symptoms of a gas leak, like houseplants in your home dying. 

A Defective Heat Exchanger

Why do I smell gas when my furnace kicks on? A cracked heat exchanger can cause gas to leak into your home. How does that happen? When your furnace overheats, the heat exchanger may crack.  

As a result, your furnace may fail to burn the gases completely, producing carbon monoxide and unburned gas that increases the risk of a house fire. Excess soot production may also indicate a cracked heat exchanger.  

If you suspect an issue with your heat exchanger, contact a certified furnace repair expert to troubleshoot the problem and recommend the best remedy. You may have to replace the heat exchanger.  

How to Prevent a Furnace Gas Leak

Your furnace may leak gas primarily because of a damaged gas line, cracked heat exchanger, or broken supply valve. As such, routine furnace maintenance will help keep your furnace in top shape and prevent leaks.   

Schedule regular inspections with a seasoned technician who will assess your furnace and make adjustments and repairs to prevent gas leaks.  

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