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We all know it gets hot in Texas. Your home should be your haven when the sun is out and cooking. With a quality central air system in your home, you’ve got it made.

However, if your home doesn’t feel as cool as you want it to, or it doesn’t get as cool as it used to, it may be time to look at your duct system. If your ducts aren’t properly directing the air through your house, you could miss out on comfort. You might also find yourself wasting money!

On the Double Heating & Cooling, the air conditioning repair experts in Lubbock, TX, are here to help. Let’s look at the benefits of air duct sealing and what it can do for you.

Sealing Air Ducts

Air ducts are essential if you have an HVAC system in your home. The ducts carry and distribute the hot and cold air from your HVAC setup to the vents around your house. If the vents have cracks, rust, or leaks, your HVAC will not perform correctly. 

Leaky ducts can affect both the temperature in your home and the cost of your energy bill. Some symptoms of leaky ducts are:

  • Trouble heating and cooling rooms in your home
  • Some rooms are stuffy/humid
  • Your utility bills skyrocket in the summer and winter

How To Seal Air Ducts

To ensure quality, it’s best to leave this work to professionals. On the Double Heating & Cooling guarantees the best air duct sealing in Lubbock, TX. Even so, if you want to make an attempt at air duct sealing on your own, these are the basics:

1. Seal air leaks:

Use a mastic duct sealant or metal tape to seal any leaks in your ductwork. Thoroughly inspect the ducts in your attic, crawlspace, and garage.

2. Check and seal all connections:

Cracks and holes aren’t the only places where leaks occur. Inspect and seal the places where the ducts connect to your ceiling, walls, and floor.

Benefits of Sealing Your Ducts

Keeping a strong seal on your ducts is beneficial to your HVAC setup. Some of the benefits of air duct sealing are:

  • Improved indoor air quality: Sealing your ducts prevents things like chemicals and insulation from entering your HVAC system.
  • Better comfort: With the air flowing correctly from the air conditioner to the vents in your home, the temperature you’re most comfortable with becomes easier to attain.
  • Reduce your energy bill: If there are holes or leaks in your ductwork, the HVAC system must work harder to bring your home to the temperature you desire. This means your energy bills will spike when you need your HVAC most. Sealing the air ducts gets the airflow back under control, reducing the strain on your HVAC system.

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