Why Is My Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning?

Let’s face it: air conditioners often break. There’s really nothing worse than a bad air conditioner, as it leaves you without that cool air you deserve, especially during those hot summer months. Air conditioner fans, in particular, can cause plenty of problems; there are many common reasons why they may stop working, but not everyone knows what those are.

If your air conditioner fan’s giving you trouble, leading you to ask, “Why is my air conditioner fan not spinning?” don’t worry. On The Double Heating & Cooling offers trusted AC maintenance in Lubbock, TX, and is here to explain how to get your air conditioner fan working again in no time.

Dirty Air Filter

Many homeowners take their air conditioner’s air filter for granted. This little screen keeps your air supply free of nasty particulates like dust and dirt. While it’s normal for them to trap these substances, over time, they can become clogged and dirty, putting extra strain on your unit.

If your unit’s struggling to keep up, it can cause overheating, which often stops the fan from spinning. In some cases, overheating shuts the entire air conditioner down to prevent electrical and mechanical damage. So go ahead and check your unit’s air filter, replacing it if it’s exceptionally dirty or worn down.

Contactor Switch Issues

When asking, “Why is my air conditioner fan not spinning?” it’s not uncommon for homeowners to overlook their unit’s contactor switch. The contactor switch is a little electrical piece that sends power to your unit’s fan, triggering it when needed. Although the contactor switch usually functions well, it can wear down over time, preventing your fan from getting the power it needs.

Faulty Capacitors

Air conditioning fans use two pieces known as capacitors to function. The start capacitor tells the fan to start running when you turn your unit’s power on, while the run capacitor ensures that everything runs smoothly. One or more bad capacitors can stop your fan from working, as it won’t know whether or not it should run.

Power Troubles

Sometimes, the simplest answer to the question, “Why is my air conditioner fan not spinning?” is the best answer. That’s why you should check your home’s power supply and circuit breaker to make sure that your unit’s receiving a consistent supply of electricity. Overheating causes power surges that trip breakers, turning your fan off.

Resetting your circuit breaker’s air conditioning switches can get it back to normal, especially if you know what caused the power surge in the first place. However, electrical problems might be indicative of deeper issues that require expert help.

Broken Belt

Do you own an older air conditioner? If so, you should understand that your unit’s condenser more than likely uses what’s known as a belt. This belt regulates the cooling process, ensuring that the unit’s refrigerant can effectively cool incoming air. Regular maintenance can go a long way in keeping your belt from breaking, but it’s no guarantee.

It’s not unheard of for belts to slip off track or for them to break entirely. While it’s possible to fix a belt on its own, it might make more sense for you to upgrade your unit to a more modern alternative. The right HVAC company can determine whether or not upgrading is right for you.

Damaged Fan Motor

Overheating, poor energy efficiency, total failure— damaged fan motors can cause all of these problems and more. These motors are a lot like car engines; you need a reliable, consistent motor to keep your air conditioner working effectively. So when your fan motor becomes damaged or breaks entirely, you won’t be able to get cool air.

Sometimes, fan motors just give out because of continuous strain, but eventually, all motors will reach the end of their lifespan. Older fan motors can’t work right because their motor bearings give out. Replacing an individual fan is tricky, so it might just make more sense to replace your unit entirely.

Quality Air Conditioning Services in Lubbock

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