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Ionized water is an exciting trend in the health world, with a range of potential benefits. Created by passing an electrical charge through water, ionized or alkaline water contains different levels of minerals and electrolytes than standard water. If you’re interested in exploring how ionized water can benefit you, On the Double Heating & Cooling can help by installing a water ionizer in your Lubbock home.

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How Does a Water Ionizer Work?

Water ionizers separate water, based on acidity, through an electromagnetic process. The ionizer separates the materials drawn to the negative pole from those drawn to the positive by passing the water over an electrically charged surface. This forms to separate water supplies with different utilities.

Alkaline water provides a range of health benefits, the most important of which stems from the higher levels of electrolytes. Electrolytes are materials that help our bodies that we usually find suspended in water. Alkaline water concentrates these valuable compounds far more than regular water through ionization 

While acidic water is not ideal for drinking, it still can provide usefulness in your home. For example, residents interested in gardening will find the water beneficial in nurturing plants. The acidic water can also be helpful for household cleaning and other sanitation purposes.

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Benefits of Alkaline Water

While the science on the benefits of alkaline water is still in debate, several theories offer ways ionized water can benefit you. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm or debunk any of the benefits of ionized water, so it’s essential to conduct research before deciding if a water ionizer will work for you. If you’re convinced by what you find, On the Double Heating & Cooling is always ready to install a water ionizer in your Lubbock home.

Counter-Acting Acidity

Firstly, some people believe that ionized water can counterbalance the acidity in your digestive system, reducing symptoms like heartburn or indigestion. On a superficial level, this makes sense, as the pH level of ionized water is significantly lower than standard tap or even filtered water.

However, the actual story may be more complex than it seems, as your digestive system needs a delicate balance to function properly. Still, ionized water may likely be worth trying if you struggle with acid reflux or other problems related to elevated pH balance.

Antioxidant Properties

Because of its unique mineral and electrolyte content, alkaline or ionized water acts as a powerful antioxidant. This class of compounds protects the body from free radicals, compounds that can speed the aging process and increase the risk of disease.

A full explanation of free radicals would take an entire article, but essentially, they are unstable molecules that react highly with tissues in your body. Controlling these can protect you from various conditions and health problems, and antioxidants are the primary way to accomplish this.

Additionally, some speculate that ionized water may have anti-aging properties. While not confirmed, some people base this idea on the fact that oxidation plays a significant role in aging. While scientists have not fully established the mechanism behind this, studies have validated that oxidation contributes to aging, so this theory makes sense.


While the health benefits of alkaline water form a point of contention, one undeniable advantage lies in its taste. Ionized water has a pleasant, mildly sweet flavor with a refreshing effect. So if the taste and smell of your tap water seem unpleasant, exploring water ionizers for your Lubbock home can be an excellent way to improve it.

Try It Yourself

While disagreement regarding the benefits of ionized water exists, the taste and possible effects make it worth trying out. If you’re interested in installing a water ionizer in your Lubbock home, the best option is On the Double Heating & Cooling. At On the Double Heating & Cooling, we provide quality water filtration services to the residents of Texas, so call today at 806-549-5973 to discuss your needs.

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