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Reverse osmosis water filters can drastically improve the taste and purity of the water in your home. This type of filter creates water that competes with or exceeds the quality and taste of bottled water, saving money and helping the environment. If you’d like a reverse osmosis water filter in your Lubbock home, call On the Double Heating & Cooling at 806-549-5973 for service you can trust.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis refers to a type of water filtration in which pressure forces water through a specially designed membrane. This semi-permeable material allows water molecules to pass through but not other compounds. While this process may seem similar to any other type of filtration, the difference is that this occurs at the molecular level.

This makes reverse osmosis filters very good at removing contaminants from water that other filters might miss. While even fine filters may fail to eliminate chemicals that have dissolved into the water, reverse osmosis filters can remove even these types of toxins.

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Uses for Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems can produce high-quality drinking water, but they are not ideal for use as primary water filters. These systems remove contaminants like chlorine and other chemicals, so they work best on water that other filters have already cleared of more sizable impurities.

How Reverse Osmosis Can Benefit You

Residents can leverage the power of reverse osmosis water filtering in their Lubbock homes or business in a few ways. Reverse osmosis filters can provide a range of benefits to users with various needs. While most of these systems operate on single water faucets, whole-building reverse osmosis filters are available for more demanding requirements.

Reverse osmosis can save you money on bottled water while also benefitting the environment. Water bottles are a significant source of plastic pollution, so increasing the amount of water you drink at home can make a meaningful impact.

Unfortunately, drinking tap water requires compromising on both taste and safety. Tap water often carries an unpleasant flavor and contains a wide range of undesirable contaminants. While helping the environment is always beneficial, a reverse osmosis filter enables you to do so without sacrificing safety or flavor.

Limitations of Reverse Osmosis

While reverse osmosis filters are excellent at removing finer contaminants from the water in your home, this type of system has some limitations. One primary concern with reverse osmosis systems stems from clogging due to larger particles in the water. When large particles enter a reverse osmosis filter, they can block the membrane and prevent the system from functioning.

While these filter systems typically include a pre-filter to prevent this from occurring, it’s crucial to ensure that the water entering your system has already passed through a filter to remove dirt. If you have a concern about a clog occurring in your reverse osmosis filter, On the Double Heating & Cooling offers a variety of pre-filtering options and will happily discuss your needs.

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