How to Lubricate Your Air Conditioner Fan Motor the Right Way

how to lubricate air conditioner fan motor

How to Lubricate Your Air Conditioner Fan Motor the Right Way Do you know what an air conditioner fan motor does for your unit? It makes it possible to move cold air throughout your home, a vital function if you want to stay cool. But the fans sometimes break, whether through a lack of maintenance, […]

Why Is My Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning?

why is my air conditioner fan not spinning

Why Is My Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning? Let’s face it: air conditioners often break. There’s really nothing worse than a bad air conditioner, as it leaves you without that cool air you deserve, especially during those hot summer months. Air conditioner fans, in particular, can cause plenty of problems; there are many common reasons […]

Turning on AC After Winter: 7 Crucial Reminders

turning on ac after winter

Turning on AC After Winter: 7 Crucial Reminders Turning on the AC after winter is a great way to get ready for the warmer months. But these units need care and maintenance in order to perform properly. They can develop a variety of problems after a year of hard work and several months sitting dormant. […]

Why It’s Essential to Clean Your Furnace Flue Pipe Regularly

furnace flue pipe

Why It’s Essential to Clean Your Furnace Flue Pipe Regularly Your furnace has numerous working parts that operate together to keep your home or business both comfortable and safe. While you might know about some of these components, others may have unfamiliar names and utilities. One furnace component that many property owners are unaware of […]

How to Reset AC After Power Outage the Safe Way

how to reset ac after power outage

Much of what we do on a daily basis relies heavily on the proper functioning of our home’s electrical systems. When a power outage occurs, it can render your home’s most essential appliances useless, including the AC system. Fortunately, you can learn how to reset your AC after a power outage. Oftentimes, storms and natural […]

What Is a Furnace Inducer Motor: A Brief Guide

what is a furnace inducer motor

If you have a central heating system, you are probably familiar with your home’s furnace, which produces and distributes heat throughout your home.  Modern units consist of several features and mechanisms that work together to keep your home cozy and warm on those chilly nights. One of the most integral pieces is a safe and […]

Do They Still Use Freon in Air Conditioners?

do they still use freon in air conditioners

Preparing your AC unit for the warmer months is crucial before the heat arrives in full force. Many older AC units utilize a recently banned refrigerant known as Freon. With the production of Freon ending in 2020, homes using this refrigerant will need to make changes to comply with the EPA’s standards and regulations.  If […]

Does a New HVAC System Increase Home Value?

does a new hvac system increase home value

Whether you just bought a fixer-upper or plan to sell your family home, standing out in the housing market remains essential in real estate. Updating the kitchen, adding a bathroom, and finishing the basement bring tremendous value to your home. However, home buyers also look for updated necessities that keep the house running smoothly, like […]

AC Cover for Winter: Is It Necessary?

ac cover for winter

HVAC units provide essential air conditioning in our homes, especially during the dog days of summer. When the weather cools down in the winter, your air conditioner may remain unused for the entire season. For that reason, many homeowners consider using an AC cover in winter months to protect their unit from wintery conditions like […]

Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?

why is my heat pump blowing cold air

We rely on HVAC systems as our primary source of indoor comfort year-round. When your AC unit and heat pump function optimally, they provide necessary relief from seasonal temperature extremes. However, many types of damage can occur to your HVAC systems, bringing frustration, discomfort, and sometimes costly repairs. It can be especially challenging to deal […]