AC Cover for Winter: Is It Necessary?

ac cover for winter

HVAC units provide essential air conditioning in our homes, especially during the dog days of summer. When the weather cools down in the winter, your air conditioner may remain unused for the entire season. For that reason, many homeowners consider using an AC cover in winter months to protect their unit from wintery conditions like […]

Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?

why is my heat pump blowing cold air

We rely on HVAC systems as our primary source of indoor comfort year-round. When your AC unit and heat pump function optimally, they provide necessary relief from seasonal temperature extremes. However, many types of damage can occur to your HVAC systems, bringing frustration, discomfort, and sometimes costly repairs. It can be especially challenging to deal […]

Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner: How to Decide

repair or replace air conditioner

If your air conditioner is not cooling your home properly, it’s time to consider a repair or replacement. However, it can be challenging to determine the best course of action when facing air conditioner issues. While replacing your air conditioner represents a significant investment, it provides more assurance of continued performance and efficiency than repairs. […]

5 Smart Thermostat Benefits that You Should Not Ignore

smart thermostat benefits

We all look for ways to make our lives a little easier. With so many smart devices available to help with cooking, streaming our favorite shows, or keeping track of our daily workout routine, why not incorporate one that helps you save money? A smart thermostat is one of the easiest ways to conserve energy […]

Why Does My AC Smell: The Common Culprits

why does my ac smell

Why does my AC smell like exhaust fumes, smoke, or rotten eggs? When working optimally, an air conditioner will eject cooling, refreshing air for a more comfortable home. On the fritz, it releases dust, bacteria, uncomfortably hot air, and even odors.  Are you deciding whether it’s better to expose your family or guests to sticky, […]

HVAC in Attic: Is It Possible?

hvac in attic

Can homeowners put an HVAC in attic areas without causing problems? These systems are essential for the scorching 93-degree summer highs and 26-degree winter lows In Lubbock, TX. So, if you are buying a newly built house or upgrading a decades-old system, where should you install it? Finding the best HVAC unit on the market […]

How To Prepare HVACs for Fall Season in Texas

how to prepare hvac for fall

Have you noticed how quickly the weather can turn cold? You can’t afford to pay high energy bills because of your HVAC’s energy waste or worry that your furnace will fail on an icy night. Despite the mild winters in Texas, winterization is still necessary to protect your HVAC system, plumbing, and other parts of […]

The Best 5 Options for Heating a Home in Texas

options for heating a home

One natural advantage of Texas that draws people from around the country is our notoriously mild winter. Living in Texas means you probably won’t spend your winters huddled by the fireplace while several feet of snow fall outside. However, that does not mean you can ignore your home heating. At On The Double! Heating & […]

Seven Common HVAC Problems to Watch Out For

common hvac problems

HVAC problems are common in Texas as harsh temperatures and constant comfort control demands make your system work hard. It can be challenging to identify the source if you’ve never had HVAC problems. That’s why knowing how to recognize common HVAC problems is crucial in getting immediate repairs to prevent replacements and ensure your home […]